3 Ways Micron Industry Shines

Responsiveness You Can Trust

Beginning with mirror polishing for stainless steel, we at Micron Industry have continually led our industry in surface polishing treatment for various metals. Employing the technological skill and knowhow we have cultivated over the years, Micron has achieved machining that meets the customers’ needs for size, shape, precision, machining methods and more. As a company that has continually challenged itself in pursuing the possibilities of metals and other materials through surface modification, we offer our own proposals to help address our customers’ issues. In manufacturing, we guarantee the quality and timely delivery of our products and work to be a company our customers can reliably consult with their issues.


Along with mechanized polishing, we employ the skilled hands of our veteran craftsmen to handle polishing treatments that require a high degree of precision. One of Micron Industry’s strengths is its ability to offer machining for unique shapes, complex jointed sections and other intricate operations, which cannot be achieved through machines. In order to pass this technology on to the next generation, we at Micron Industry focus on cultivating our personnel. For skills which cannot be acquired quickly, we carefully instruct our budding craftsmen at an early stage to ensure they build up the experience that allows this technology to be passed on. We promise to continue meeting our customers’ requests through the craftsmanship of our skilled technicians.


In the 65 years since the establishment of our company, we have earned the confidence of a wide array of customers in the field of surface processing. Currently, our products are used in the interior of Abeno Harukas as well as in brand-name shops such as LOUIS VUITTON and Gucci. Throughout the world, people are employing our products, and this usage is spreading. Never satisfied with past achievements, Micron Industry will continue improving and developing its products, in order to further strengthen trust with its customers.