By eliminating all buff polishing lines, our mirror finish is nearly indistinguishable from that of glass mirrors. With the addition of wet grinding, the mirror finish’s depth is increased. These surface designed materials are widely used for high-grade sash, interior shop panels, elevator décor, truck body parts and more. We also offer a mirror finish with the buff lines left in.

Hairline No. 4

For our hairline finish, we customarily insert uniform vertical lines lengthwise on a surface designed material. Hairline finishes done widthwise are also available. Our No. 4 finish has shortened the hairline grooves. By adjusting the measurements, it is possible to make fine lines coarser.


A polished finish made from a randomly generated circular polishing motion. By adjusting the measurements, it is possible to make fine lines coarser. Demand for this surface designed material has been increasing over the years thanks to its easy maintenance.

Bead Blasting

Uniformly blowing glass beads at a high pressure, these surface designed materials are covered in fine indentations. By adjusting the diameter of the glass beads or changing the air pressure, it is possible to make the fine grooves coarser.

Press Plate

Steel type : Based on the desired application,
we carry a lineup of SUS301、304、420、431DP-2、630 and more
Application : decorative melamine plates,
soft vinyl chloride plates, PCB, CCL, carrier plates
Hard chromium plating mirror finish Rmax:0.5μm HV:800
Hard anodized aluminum mirror finish
Woodgrain, pebble and texture pattern embossing
Abstract pattern embossing

Ion Plating

Through collaborations with overseas manufacturers, we have arranged a richly colored lineup of ion plating. Demand for the highest grade stainless surface designed materials has been increasing year by year. Coming in black, gold and bronze, we carry a stock of various colors in an array of styles to allow for quick product delivery.

Steal Belt

Thanks to the reliability and experience we have developed up until now, we are able to respond to a wide variety of customer needs. With polishing made possible by the belt’s open and endless structure, these belts are used in the formation of high-performance film, etc., and deliver an ultra-mirror finish with Rz measurements at the nano-level.

Along with the above, the following polishing options are also available.

Buff Polishing
A #400 buff using a sisal buff for polishing.
A #600 buff using a cotton buff to deliver a polished finish that is glossier than a #400 buff.
Specialized Polishing
Large-scale monuments, stainless shop appliances, stainless foil polishing